The structural glazing market has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry with strong signs of growth. As experts predict by 2022, structural glazing market would be worth $43.95 billion. Structural glazing is used as an outer covering to avoid the harsh effects of weather. Due to its versatility and high functionality, structural glazing services offer a plethora of options in this market. Although it can be made of any lightweight materials, most people prefer glass for its adaptability and efficiency. It allows sunlight inside the building with heat and noise insulation. The industry experts have predicted that there will be a rapid growth in structural glazing services market considering growing demand for advanced façade systems.

Alfa Façade Systems being one of the leading unitized structural glazing service providersoffering high-qualitystructural glass glazing services in India presents a wide array of options in glazing. We fabricate these non-structural products with extreme precision and high quality. The frames required for the glazing are made of extruded aluminum which is then filled in with glass.

Why Structural Glazing

In modern architecture, the ambiance of a building is equally important as its utility. It should look appealing and visually attractive, and that is why structural glazing has become popular. Free from corrosion, the materials used in glazing can withstand all-weather conditions. Like mentioned earlier, structural glazing allows natural light inside the building which would be great cost saver. Aluminum frames used for the fabrication can be recycled hence it is environment-friendly. Aluminum is an extremely lightweight material. Glass and aluminum together can take the toll of weather so you will be protected from wind, heat, and rain. Finally, it brings a charming look to the building. Commercial offices need to have an eye-catching look which is difficult if not expensive with traditional architecture. With structural glazing services, providing custom made glazings is affordable to give your office a distinctive look.

What We Offer

Being one of the renowned unitized structural glazing service providers in India, Alfa Façade offers glazings fabricated with high-quality glass and aluminium. The materials used in the fabrication can withstand the heavy weather and offer noise and heat insulation. The lightweight glass used in the glazing provides a clearer view of the occupants with ample privacy.

We offer a wide range of glazings namely,

  • Glass facades and canopies
  • Frameless windows
  • Glass walls and partitions
  • Frameless glass roofs and roof lights
  • Glass balustrades and staircases

The market for structural glass glazing is ever growing with increasing demand from the commercial sector. Alfa Façade, being one of the leading providers of structural glass glazing services promises to deliver high-quality glazings.

Get in touch with us to know more about our structural glass glazing services and how they can enhance the aesthetics of your buildings.