Glass skylights, domes, and canopies bring an aesthetic look to the structure. From their functionality to thier appealing looks. Skylights have become a quintessential part of modern architecture. Although glass domes and canopies had been popular in ancient structures as well, they have started to come in trend again.

Alfa Façade Systems adds to the trend with its high functioning and aesthetically sound skylights. We are one of the most renowned skylights manufacturers in India with a wide range of glass domes, glazings, canopies and skylights. We offer customized glazing services across the nation as per the specific needs of clients. Over the years, skylights have become more popular among contemporary designs. It not only enhances the exterior beauty of the building but also offers natural light with optimum visibility along with sound and heat insulation.

Architectural curved glass is highly versatile and useful as a building material as it offers limitless options for architects. With extremely durable, easy-to-maintain and efficient glass panels, modern architecture has become more vivid and evocative. These glass panels offer sustainability and strength for arched structures along with brightening effect to the space. A well-placed glass component not only adds elegance but also enlarges the room’s appearance. These glass panels are provided with thermal coating to reduce the excessive heat entering into the building. The skylights manufacturers in India are now coming up with diverse and unique designs as per the demand.


Canopies have made their significant impression when it comes to commercial buildings. From an attractive look to durability, glass canopies offer a variety of options which can be integrated into present-day construction. They are highly cost-effective with offering immense protection against the harshest weathers.


Being one of the most recognized skylights manufacturers in India, Alfa Façade Systems produces a variety of glass domes and canopies. With our advanced glazing services, we harness positive benefits of natural light and minimize the undesirable effects of surroundings such as glare, fading and heat. We offer the most advanced glazing solutions which provide maximum design versatility and optimum day-light for various applications. We manufacture skylight systems with glass as well as polycarbonate sheets keeping the budget and unique requirements in mind. Polycarbonate sheets are used to reduce material cost and labor without compromising the desired performance. Skylight systems have proven solar, energy saving and thermal properties. With unlimited design options for commercial projects with quality structure and availability of customization, Alfa Façade Systems’ products ensure your building looks vibrant, radiant and appealing.

Skylights have indeed become an inseparable part of contemporary structures. Alfa Façade Systems offers a plethora of sustainable products having aesthetically beautiful designs; this passion for innovation makes us one of the top-most skylights manufacturers in India.