Railings have been associated with balconies, decks, and stairways; though they are an integral part of every building, they were ignored in décor for years. They were always looked at as mere utility products and hence, no special efforts were taken to beautify them. However, in modern architecture, railings are being given a new look with the help of superb quality glass and stainless steel. In commercial as well as residential buildings, a stainless steel glass railing has become a crucial part of the structure. They are no more just a part of utility products but play a pivotal role in interior design in definingand augmenting the ambience of buildings.

Today glass railing services are of one of the most important offerings bringing a wide range of options. Alfa Façade Systems manufactures one of the finest stainless steel glass railing products with a variety of options for custom-made requirements. Our glass railing services are one of the most reliable services in India,and we are known for flawless and quicker installation of balcony glass railingsfor commercial as well as residential buildings.

Why Steel and Glass Railing

The basic fabrication and installation of steel and glass railing are not complicated processes. These railings are supported by mounting posts while some are standalone railings. A stainless steel glass railing is highly durable and versatile as it is fabricated with sturdy material to ensure maximum safety. Stainless steel being one of the toughest metals brings more strength to railings. Apart from being a rustproof material with an ability to withstand all-weather conditions, it enhances the look of the building. Especially in balcony glass railings, the etched glass makes the entire look aesthetically appealing. It comes in a diverse range of styling and can be customized as per specific requirements. With easy maintenance and affordability, stainless steel and glass railings prove to be the best railing option for staircase and balcony.

What We Offer

We are known as one of the leading Indian companies offering premium glass railing services coupled with innovative and modular stainless steel design solutions. Our railing systems are tailor-made for residential, institutional and commercial projects assuring the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Alfa Façade’s range of products includes glass, cable, and bar systems along with a wide range selection of matching handrail brackets. Our glass railings are manufactured from high-grade glass to withstand harsh weathering and offer high tensile strength and durability for years.

Our expert team with years of specialized experience and well-defined work process ensures to deliver highly sustainable products having optimum quality.

We ensure our products add to the desired look of every building, specifically, balcony glass railings which are easily visible and the first thing to attract a visitor’s attention.

Get in touch with us to know how our glass railing services can be utilized to give a mesmerizing look to your ideas.