Frameless spider glazing has been used in commercial buildings as an alternative to concrete walls or in simple words conventional structure. Predominantly used for walls, skylights, and canopies, frameless glazing offers high transparency while covering the substantial area of the structure. Spider glazing is also a popular name for it as it is held to its position by clamps or ‘spiders’ and it is joined to the glazing by a structural silicone sealant or sometimes by metal patch plates. The use of spider glazing has been significant in commercial offices, malls, 5-star hotels & institutional buildings. The market for spider glazing is quite significant as it expected to hit $43.95 billion by 2022. Alfa Façade Systems provides frameless spider glazing services with utmost precision and quality. Famed for its versatility, spider glazing is more suitable for larger or multi-story buildings where both appearance and cost-effectiveness are essential.

Why Frameless Spider Glazing

Frameless spider glazing is fabricated from sheets of tempered glass which are held in position with the help of a clamp or spider. Glass mullions are suspended from the head structure above,which can span the distance of more than 20 m. Because of this wind, snow and self-weight loading would transfer to the primary structure. These glass walls are shock resistant as well which make them much safer to install. Another key point in going for frameless spider glazing services is one can get custom made glass wall panels as per the architectural requirement. It would provide a redeeming look to the newly constructed building, creating a staggering impression which is well required for a commercial structure. Besides, when you are constructing a multi-story building having 8, 10 or 12 floors, it becomes an economic glitch at some point. In such cases, the use of frameless spider glazing is convenient and more importantly cost-effective compared to concrete or brick wall. The newly developed façades allow clear sunlight through the glass while resisting the weather abuse significantly.

What We Offer

Alfa Façade Systems is known for its top-notch quality and timely delivery of products as per its diverse and unique requirements. Being in the industry for decades has given us an edge over our competitors. We offer custom-built products made for different types of buildings, which would not only improve the look of the building but also be highly functional. Our frameless spider glazing services make sure that, your building gets the most appealing and vibrant look while maintaining the balance with utility. With years of experience, we ensure to provide more robust and customer-centric products with ample range of versatility.

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