With modern architecture on the rise, the use of curtain wall glazing has become standard in commercial buildings. Moreover, it is a worldwide phenomenon where we expect the global market for aluminium curtain wall market was valued at $29.41 billion in 2018 and is expected to have a growth of 9.3% by 2025. The increasing demand for energy efficient curtain wall system is expected to encourage this market growth. Because of its filtration to natural sunlight, cost-effectiveness, easy installation, and air impermeability. Curtain wall glazing has become a quintessential part of modern-day architecture. Curtain wall glazing provides a sense of fineness to the entire structure with a shiny and vibrant appearance accompanied by its incredible functionality. Alfa Façade Systems has been creating benchmarks for years and is recognized as one of the most trusted aluminium curtain wall fabricators. We offer customized solutions for aluminium curtain wall glazing of world-class quality which provide insulation from noise, heat and weather changes.

Why Curtain Wall Glazing

A curtain wall is a protective wall fixed to the outside of the building to protect the structure from external damage. The curtain walls have been used since middle ages albeit with different materials. They are non-structural claddings systems mostly associated with large, multistoried buildings. The curtain walls are fabricated with a lightweight aluminum frame and infilled with glass.

Commercial buildings need to have a strong impression on the market. They should look impressive and notable so as to create corporate identity. Such an impression is difficult if not expensive to create with traditional construction. In modern architecture, we use aluminium curtain wall as it is cost-effective and creates a much needed impression as well. Curtain wall glazing has a remarkable attractiveness which offers advantage and energy efficiency. Rapid organization is another factor that has impacted the increased use of wall glazing. A number of curtain wall glazing services have emerged over the years with the availability of limitless variants.

What We Offer

Being one of the best aluminium curtain wall fabricators. Alfa Façade promises to deliver top-quality curtain wall glazing manufactured as per industry standards. We seek to deliver custom-made curtain walls for any type of commercial or residential buildings regardless of its scale. Our curtain wall glazing services have been recognized as top-class in the market. The materials used in the fabrication can withstand heavy weather, offer noise and heat insulation. Lightweight glass used in the glazing offers a clearer view of the occupants with ample privacy. In the modern world, giving a distinctive look to your office building has become vital, and it can be achieved with our curtain wall glazing services.