Aluminium framed windows and doors are popular in modern architecture because of their superb functionality. Light-weight yet strong, aluminium sliding glass doors & windowsare available in a wide range of combinations suitable to diverse architectural designs. The sleekness of the frame placing great focus on the glass. The multi-panel glass windows with aluminium have become an essential part of modern housing and commercial buildings. These windows and doors can open horizontally, glide horizontally along the window channel and enhance the ambience of any room.

As one of the most experienced aluminium doors and windows manufacturers in India, we have been developing aluminium glass doors and windows for more than forty years now. We offer aesthetically appealing and high functioning aluminium sliding glass doors & windows. One of the significant advantages of aluminium glass doors and windows is their versatility. Alfa Façade offers a variety of sliding doors and windows to cater to the unique requirements of commercial and residential projects.

Our Offerings

  • Awning: With an outward opening and hinged at the top
  • Bi-fold: Bi-fold is made up of many individual sashes 2, 3, and 4 that are hinged together.
  • Casement: It is an opening window fixed to the frame by hinges along one of its hinges.
  • Fixed Window: It is a fixed window that cannot be opened.
  • Louvre: Parallel components of glazing are put on central hinges.
  • Side hung: It is a variation of window casement, with side opening controlled by slides and tracks.
  • Pivot: It is hung on a single hinge at center joints on each of two opposite edges enabling the window to rotate when it is opened.
  • Tilt and turn: Comprises of a mechanism that enables them to incline inwards from one side or to open inwardly from one direction.
  • Vertical slider/sash: Glass is fixed in ‘sashes’ (portable panels) which can move vertically past each other.
  • Tilt and slide: Inclines inwards at the top and moves horizontally behind the fixed pane.

Our aluminum doors & windows are preferred for their immense durability and unmatched functionality which is further enhanced with customization and augmented versatility. We produce aluminum sliding doors & windows in a variety of designs, colors and according to the specific requirements of our clients. These windows and doors come with a multi-chamber system which increases sound and heat insulation. With multi-point locking, we have enhanced its security as well. These windows and doors offer a broader and taller appearance which augments the entire ambience of the home, offices.

Our reliable and high-performing product range has earned us the recognition of being one of the most trusted aluminium doors and windows manufacturers in India.