Aluminium louvers have been one of the most sought out services in the construction industry. Its market is expected to be worth $8.79 billion by 2022, making it one of the most in demand product. Panels are manufactured with durable and all-weather resistant materials namely aluminum being its core component. In modern architecture, ACP cladding services have become a quintessential part because of their functionality and aesthetics. Whether it is styling a newly constructed building or revamping the old structure, aluminium cladding services come as the most useful and the most cost-effective option.

What We Offer

Aluminium louvers is one of our prominent offerings in the market. It is primarily used for external cladding for facades of buildings, signage’s and insulation. We provide a range of multi-layer aluminium cladding for wall cladding in corniches, canopies, and the joining areas between other building materials namely precast metals and glass. Our ACP cladding services provide prefabricated panels that are attached to the structural frame of the building using aluminium sections. The ACP is manufactured with lightweight aluminum along with hard insulation.

Why Us

Aluminum louvers are one of the most recognized services.

Alfa Façade Systems’ ACP cladding services ensure you have durable and weather resistant claddings which serve as a solid barrier to enjoy a soundproof environment. The panels maintain their sizes and shapes even after undergoing perennial changes.

  • The maintenance of our Aluminium louvers is hassle-free. A simple wiping with cloth would clean the panel.
  • Aluminum composites sheet are fire rated hence they are completely safe for usage. It also does not release any sort of foul gases and fumes so it is absolutely safe for inhabitants.
  • Our aluminum composite panel cladding services are cost-effective. With easy availability and durability, Aluminium louvers prove to be the most useful in long-run.
  • The installation of these claddings is not complicated at all. It is easy and requires less time for installation.

Looking for reliable Aluminium louvers services, contact us today and we will suggest the options suitable options for your exclusive requirements.